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About Skin Irritation

Raw, itchy skin may be a warning sign of underlying allergies that need medical attention. At Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) in Memphis, Tennessee, the providers offer in-office skin evaluations and allergy testing to identify what’s causing painful skin rashes. They also design a treatment plan using topical creams, allergy medications, and other therapies to relieve dry, itchy skin and improve your skin’s health. Contact a Midsouth Independent Group practice today to schedule a skin irritation consultation.

Skin Irritation Q & A

What causes skin irritation?

There are a number of reasons why you may develop skin irritation. Some conditions are acute and last for a few days while others can be chronic and last a lifetime.

The providers at Midsouth Independent Group (MIG) offer diagnostic testing and treatment services for a variety of skin irritation conditions, including:


Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes dry, itchy skin rashes, especially on your face, behind your knees, and in the crease of your elbows.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis describes skin irritation that develops after you make contact with an allergy. Skin may feel itchy and appear red, raw, or scaly. You may also develop blisters that ooze fluids.


Angioedema is a skin reaction that causes sudden swelling in the skin and mucous membranes, such as in your eyes and lips. Foods or other allergens can trigger this condition, but you may also have angioedema because of your genetic background or an underlying autoimmune disorder.

Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are painless, noncancerous growths that develop on the lining of your nasal passages. They can develop from chronic inflammation that’s common with asthma, allergies, or recurrent sinus infections.

When should I seek treatment for skin irritation?

If you’re not able to calm skin irritation with over-the-counter creams or medications, you should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at MIG. You also need an appointment if your skin irritation continues to worsen even with home care or if you develop an infection.

The providers physically examine your skin and may take a sample of it for further testing under a microscope. They also review your lifestyle and diet to determine what’s causing irritation in your skin. You may need allergy testing to identify substances that trigger itchy skin rashes.

Based on the results of your physical exam and diagnostic tests, the MIG physicians customize a treatment plan for your individual needs.

How is skin irritation treated?

To ease your raw, itching skin, the providers at MIG may recommend over-the-counter or prescription-strength medications. You may need to apply topical ointments to your skin or take oral medications to clear infections.

If allergies trigger your skin irritation, you may benefit from taking allergy pills or undergoing immunotherapy to reduce your body’s reaction to substances in your environment.

To treat nasal polyps, the providers may recommend inhaled corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and irritation in your sinuses. You may also need surgery to remove large nasal polyps that interfere with your breathing.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for skin irritation, contact a Midsouth Independent Group provider today.