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Meet Michelle James, APN


I am a Certified Nurse Practitioner who works with clients across the age spectrum. I like to say that my patients are a lot like me. Most of my patients are in the middle of their lives and are often caring for their children and elderly parents. If my patients have good physical and mental health, then they can more effectively care for their own families in return. I commonly care for entire families across the lifespan. I have a very special love for young adults who are beginning their own journey with college and careers as I have a beautiful blended family of 4 awesome grown children; and we are adding on daily with a current grandchild count of 3!

I started my career in nursing with elder care. Then my father developed dementia and he was by far my favorite “patient” He passed a few years ago, and now my mother lives with me and my husband. I understand the importance of caring for your family and I consider that each of my patients should expect the same great care I demand for my own family. 

My career started in nursing 29 years ago. My undergraduate studies were at The University of Tennessee, and my Masters is from The University of Memphis. I remain a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.  Thirteen years ago I started practice in Memphis as an Advanced Practice Nurse have been centrally located in Midtown Memphis the entire time. Being part of the medical center and working with the patients that represent Memphis has been the most amazing journey of my life.

In my spare time you can find me with my family and that is usually where I draw my strength as well. I am an avid Memphis Grizzlies fan and can be found in the stands at most home games. And if you spend much time with me you know I hate cooking, so you might spot me at some local restaurants. (Be nice to your servers.)